A collection of links to articles, interviews, and other Uncanny Visions related content created by outside sources.

The Creeps

- Windsorite mentions a screening of the Creeps in Motion at an art event. LINK
Camera 87

- Canon Digital Feature Film Making interviews director Kyle Van Dongen regarding the making of Camera 87. LINK

- A Turkish fan watches Camera 87 with a VR headset and provides a running commentary. LINK
Closer Apart

- Windsor Square provides a write up of the Closer Apart world premiere event. LINK

- "Preferred by Pete" reviews the film. LINK

The Collector

- Mentioned in Our Windsor's 48 Hour Flick Fest write up. LINK

From Within

- Quotes from director Kyle Van Dongen included in St. Clair College's 48 Hour Flick Fest write up. LINK