The Creeps

THE CREEPS is an ongoing web series. This is a list of every episode starting from the earliest. Though they are more or less stand alone adventures, it is recommended that you start from the beginning for the full experience.

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:: Writer/Director - Kyle Van Dongen :: Producer - Matthew Hurajt :: Regular Crew - Sean Bardgett and Chris Chiasson
:: Starring - Kyle Chapman, Kyle Van Dongen, and Carissa LeClair.

THE CREEPS (July 2, 2009): Colin and Arty are the type of guys that you take inconvenient detours to avoid, they're smelly, they're obscene, and of course, they're creepy. Watch in terror as they take turns attempting to seduce an innocent woman.

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:: Guest Stars - Darcie Keane and Sean Bardgett.
THE CREEPS TAKE ACTION (August 28, 2009): You can't keep a good creep down. Colin and Arty decide that the best way to win a woman's heart is to save her life, but first they must endanger it.

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:: Guest Stars - Blare Whiteford and Kyle Archibald.
THE CREEPS IN PURSUIT (October 8, 2009): Eager to win the heart of an unsuspecting jogger, Colin and Arty receive some rather illegal advice from a mysterious sage known only as "The Best".

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:: Guest Stars - Steve Shilson, Amy Nazarewich, and Matthew Hurajt.
THE CREEPS DIVIDED (November 9, 2009): A seemingly interested woman forces Colin to choose between Arty and true love. Naturally he chooses the second option, leaving Arty to fend for himself. Could this be the end of the creeps?

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:: Guest Stars - Michelle Segal and Gavin Booth.
CHRISTMAS WITH THE CREEPS (December 24, 2009): A drunken stranger invites Colin and Arty to a Christmas gathering. Things get interesting once his guests begin to arrive.

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:: Guest Stars - Dean Valentino, Darcie Keane, and Sean Bardgett.
THE CREEPS EXPOSED (May 6, 2010): Frustrated with the nuances of making a good first impression, Arty decides to become a flasher. Colin dislikes this idea and insists on another approach.

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:: Guest Star - Carla Gyemi.
THE CREEPS GET PHYSICAL (June 23, 2010): A rather confrontational young woman insists that Colin prove himself in a fight. He reluctantly accepts, but his opponent, a homeless man, turns out to be more formidable than expected.

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:: Guest Stars - Jarrod Ferris and Marie Jeannette.
THE CREEPS MODIFIED (August 18, 2010): Colin and Arty observe a man with a particularly effective method of impressing women. They wait until he's out of sight then attempt to copy his schtick. Naturally, it doesn't go well.

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:: Guest Stars - Jared Plumb and Sarah Kacso.
THE CREEPS IN MOTION (October 12, 2010): Colin and Arty team up with former rival "Freaky" Frank. He quickly lives up to his name, dragging his unwitting partners along for a night of highly illegal hi jinx.

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:: Guest Stars - Matthew Hurajt and Carley Schweitzer.
THE CREEPS ENLISTED (November 27, 2010): "The Best" is back, and he's calling in a favor. He enlists Colin and Arty to help him break into a secure building in hopes of stealing a drum of liquid latex. Little do they know they're being watched...

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:: Guest Stars - Steve Shilson and Aryn Chaif.
THE CREEPS CROSS THE LINE (July 24, 2011): Colin and Arty discover an unconscious woman. Unsure of how to proceed, they unknowingly kidnap her. Only when she's tied to the bed do they realize the extent of their crime. How will the creeps get out of this one?!

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:: Guest Star - Elisha Bencich.
THE CREEPS CONTINUED (October 6, 2011): Picking up right after episode 11's thrilling cliffhanger, Colin and Arty try to reason with their accidental captive. Negotiations quickly turn sour forcing the creeps to come up with a fiendish scheme to right their wrongs.

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:: Guest Stars - Elisha Bencich and Michael Poirier.
THE CREEPS REFORMED (September 9, 2014) Colin and Arty, freed from legal entanglement, hit the streets to continue their reign of awkward terror.

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:: Guest Stars - Heather Ballentine and Dean Valentino.
THE CREEPS CRIPPLED (October 28, 2014): Colin and Arty have differing opinions regarding how to proceed. Colin remains convinced that posing as a "hipster" is the best course of action, while Arty discovers untapped potential in pity. Who is right? Or rather, who is less wrong?

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:: Guest Stars - Jarrod Ferris and Kat Fox.
THE CREEPS LOG ON (March 6, 2015): Colin and Arty have the winter blues. The streets are empty, and the few women they do encounter are too bundled up to accurately determine whether they're worth pursuing. Thankfully their buddy Emmett is an online dating expert, and he's more than happy to help the creeps create the perfect profile.

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:: Guest Stars - Maurice Lee and Andrea Moysiuk.
THE CREEPS IN DISGUISE (August 11, 2015): Karma catches up with the creeps! A women's health magazine inspires Colin to concoct the duo's most devious scheme yet... unfortunately for them, things don't go exactly as planned.

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:: Guest Stars - Melanie Postma, Yuri Gurvich, and Eric Wynn.
THE CREEPS ASSIST (June 12, 2016): Colin meets his childhood hero. Unfortunately, he fails to live up to expectations, and before long Colin is saddled with a moral obligation to get the man's life back on track.

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:: Guest Stars - John Tomac and Fay Lynn.
THE CREEPS SCARED STIFF (October 31, 2016): Colin and Arty are out "trick or treating" when they come across a familiar face. Spooky hijinks ensue in this special Halloween themed episode.

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:: Guest Stars - Carla Gyemi, Philip Wells, David Sarvari, Kalie and Koen Smith,
and the "Grim Creeper".
LIGHTS, CAMERA, THE CREEPS (May 28, 2017): Emmett is in the middle of an important movie shoot when one of his actors bails at the last minute. Now it's up to Colin to step in and play the part.

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:: Guest Stars - Maurice Lee and Kelly Martin.
THE CREEPS CONCLUDED (September 19, 2017): Familiar faces, both friend and foe, draw Colin and Arty into a quagmire of love, loyalty, and revenge... (Series Finale)

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:: Guest Stars - Darcie Keane, Sean Bardgett, Ashley Mullin, and Dean Valentino.